Welcome to mJackson Design, specialists in web and graphic design offering all types of eCommerce design services for personal and commercial use. Look below to see how we’ll create your site. Easy as 1-2-3.


Step 1: Branding & Logo

The starting point is to identify your market, your style and WHY you want a website. From that we create a brand, theme and colour palette. Branding knits together all of your tools and content into a neat package with your logo at the core. Your logo and brand will show off what you do without so much as a second glance.

Step 2: Website & CMS

Then we move onto the site itself, using a Content Management System or "CMS" as the foundation. It provides structure and storage for all your content and allows you (the client) to update and edit any page info, create posts for a news page and even make your own pages. We build it up using your Branding and Logo to give it life.

Step 3: The Feature

The Feature of your site is its reason for being. For instance, someone selling physical items like flowers might require an online shop that tracks products and transactions. A Taxi-Booking Firm might instead need a booking system capable of gathering destinations and take payments from customers.