Hi there,  my name is Mike Jackson, owner and designer at mJackson Design. I’m a friendly and creative twenty something (only just) living in the west end of Glasgow. I have a Masters Degree from Glasgow School of Art in Animation (MPhil) and a degree in Applied Multimedia Technologies (BA) and I’ve been designing for the web and multimedia in various forms for over 10 years.

I set up mJackson Design because I love working with creative media. Any form, from hand-coded CSS/HTML content managed websites to fully integrated eCommerce online shopping systems to 3D art and animations.

I believe in Goal-Orientated design, which simply means that I like to understand why you need a website before we dive head-first into designing it. Understanding your market niche will ultimately help your business be much more successful, it also helps me grasp what your goals are and this is what drives the design. Meeting my clients face-to-face is always the best way of communicating these goals and ideas, and is a great excuse to get in some Italian Roast, however I am equally as happy working via email and phone if distance or time is an issue.

So thanks for stopping by my website, and hopefully I can be of some use to you. Even if you’re unsure, just visit my enquiry form and select free advice and I’ll get back to you on all interwebby related things.

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.
― Confucius

Mike Jackson


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