Airport Transfer Solutions

The Company

Taxi Drivers Martin Cairns and David Erskine wanted to take control of their trade. Some taxi firms offer their tended jobs on a quote system and the lowest quote wins the work. This is great for them but the drivers who actually do the work find themselves fighting amongst themselves for jobs. And so began the life of Airport Transfer Solutions and their online booking system.

The Website

The heart of the ATS website was undoubtedly the booking engine and sourcing one became a task in itself. But eventually a solution was wrought with the help of a programmer in London. The booking engine worked in the way that it allows a customer to book a taxi and see how much their journey costs before paying. This meant comprehensive back-end controls so the administrator can choose how much to charge per mile with an optional minimum distance. The addition of a completely custom-made mini-booker on the front page was what really helped complete the website as it allowed customers to enter details on the homepage, making it easier to use the site. However it needed some pretty intensive testing to make sure all generated prices matched and that there were no loop holes or price anomalies. It has since revolutionised their business, giving them complete control over their own trade.

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