What be’s a happenin’?

COSLAAs usual, I am extremely busy.

I hate starting posts like that, but there ain’t no other way of sayin it. Ach well. For good reasons though. I just moved house last week and they (the wizards?) say that its one of the four most stressful activities that a human person will ever engage in.

Them wizards. They know things. Stress is the wrong word though. No wait. It’s the perfect word. Just mingled with excitement.

In my work world I am working with some big clients just now at the digital agency where I work, Spider Online. The big dogs COSLA, MyJobScotland, Trading Standards Scotland and the mighty FirstGroup have all had massive work done to their sites in the past 6 months with yours truly working as the designer handling it all. It’s been a lot of fun working with such high profile clients, and there’s been plenty to get my teeth into.

As well as the big clients I also have updates coming soon for Independent Living, Korda String Quartet and a Fort William based Luthier business Caerini Violins.

I’ll post links as soon as they go live. As usual, any question comments or general happy thoughts can be directed to my inbox at info@mjacksondesign.co.uk

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