Korda String Quartet

The Company Korda String Quartet are a successful Scottish String Quartet. They have a reputation for being one of the best in Scotland so it was an absolute pleasure to work with them. The thing […]

Emma Bea Boutique

The Company Ms Emma Bragg approached me after hearing of my work and in the hope I could provide her a decent website for her new Bespoke Wedding Jewellery business. Her drive and ambition were […]

Edinburgh Fringe – Stella Polaris

The Company Stella Polaris are a¬†Norwegian Street Theatre Company who were taking their acclaimed show “The Shamen’s Dream” to the Edinburgh Fringe and to work with the National Galleries of Scotland. I was contacted to […]



The Company OnRed are a digital agency, working out of Glasgow who take on all types of filming and advert jobs. As well as this they offer website and design services through me and one […]

Premier Drums – Drum Scotland

The Company Drum Scotland began as an idea for Mr Simon Grant to teach snare drums online to any audience via Skype. He had no company name, logo or website, in fact he had only […]

Idle Kings

Idle Kings

The Idle Kings are a band from London comprised of some very renowned musicians, one of whom was lead Violist for the European Union Youth Orchestra. The band were embarking on their debut release and […]

Airport Transfer Solutions

Airport Transfer Solutions

The Company Taxi Drivers Martin Cairns and David Erskine wanted to take control of their trade. Some taxi firms offer their tended jobs on a quote system and the lowest quote wins the work. This […]

Scottish Pipe Band Drumming

The Company Scottish Pipe Band Drumming was to be the official name for David Henry’s company. He had been teaching under his own name for some time and had planned to sort a website. We […]

Mickey 9’s

The Band The Mickey 9’s are a funk band from Glasgow, Scotland. They are without a doubt very unconventional. The yellow tracksuit and Venetian mask the singer wears define their image, so this had to […]