Content that is content(ed)

Content. Why is it so important for you and your website?

The internet is just a giant communication tool, it’s a really convenient way of accessing all types of information, like ALL the information there has ever been. EVER! And every day more and more of it appears.

Every two days now we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until  2003, according to Schmidt. That’s something like five exabytes of data.
Source – Eric Schmidt – Google Chairman

Pretty impressive right? However, its constant place in our lives has led to it being taken for granted, so much so that most of us now use it to either post pictures of our meals on Facebook, look at pictures of cats or watch videos of people (skateboarders) falling over.

Regardless it still always comes back to content. The reason we keep coming back for more is so we can find out something we didn’t know before. Whether it’s to find out the latest daily news or to read up on some obscure infobyte to help us pass an exam. Today for instance, I read up on how the new Orphaned copyrights law effect Graphic Designers and Photographers and more importantly how reading one article doesn’t necessarily mean you know all the facts. If any. So not only are we looking up things we didn’t know, but we’ll read multiple articles on the same subject to get a broader point of view.

In terms of website design, creating content is such a simple and fundamental thing that it is often overlooked when designing a website or web site system. Not prioritising regularly reviewing your content will almost certainly result in it being ignored by your target audience. And if you have an online business this can be devastating to your sales and your profit.

So here are some simple must Do’s  for creating engaging, interesting and relevant content, that is content(ed).

1.Do think about who will most likely be reading what you are writing. This will ensure you write in a language that will be easily absorbed by target market.

2. Do make sure your copy reads well and has no spelling or grammar mistakes.

3. Do make it fun. When it comes down to it, injecting a little humour into your content will make people laugh. And as we are all just simple, egotistical beings, rewarding your reader with an emotional reaction will help them remember what you written.

4. Do make it relevant. Sometimes its hard to stay on-topic. So review your content after its written, or give it to someone else to read it before you hit “Publish”

5.Do include a picture, or relevant YouTube link. Even if its a cat, eating a cheeseburger.

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