Designing a Design site.

How. Just how?

Combine the pressures of how nice, unique and promisingly contemporary a design site should be with your own personal wants and desires. All of a sudden, a daunting task lay before you. I’m not even finished it yet! But I had to share this clever little bit of coding.

So. I wanted to include an “integrated” slider into the single folio pages. A folio page should be comprehenisve and interesting. And I was being severly limited by my original layout. So I delved deep.

Adding the awesome vSlider I wanted to create individual slider for each portfolio item, but using only one page template. So I need some code that threw up the post ID. Here it is.

if (function_exists(‘vslider’)){

and thats it. The page essentially always looks for one vSlider name, but in the place of a hard-coded name the “get_the_ID” part of the function actually throws out the individual folio pages unique ID. Meaning there’s a way of creating multiple sliders with the same page template. Which makes me very happy. Its the difference between settling for a some rubbish comprimise and actually getting it do be as functional as I want, and therefore look as good as I want.

Which is handy for a site that deals with site design…

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