Emma Bea Boutique

The Company

Ms Emma Bragg approached me after hearing of my work and in the hope I could provide her a decent website for her new Bespoke Wedding Jewellery business. Her drive and ambition were evident from the start and this alone made it very exciting to work with her. Her business name was originally “Emma B” but was changed to EmmaBeaBoutique when we began looking at web addresses and the allure of the French!

The logo

This has its own category because of just how important it was to the overall design and layout of the website. It was first hand-drawn and converted to Vector (see the Folio for more info). The colours were also very important, the logo itself had to be stand out completely by itself because of the subtle and vintage inspired design, and also because it would eventually be printed on packaging and embossed. So even though the logo started out hand-drawn it would need to be a vector image, not a typical rasterized image. Vector conversion accomplished about half of the workbut the rest had to be hand- traced via digital tablet.

The website

The website was to be a continuation of the theme of the logo, so retaining that delicate nature but also be functional. This was perhaps the biggest challenge of this job and proved just how important branding can be. The process of first determining the exact colour combinations and hex codes for each colour that was to be used helped keep this project managable.

The Online Shop

The online shop was the reason for this websites existance so had to work perfectly. I test all my digital products before being made live but online shops require a little extra love as it deals with secure payment and customers details. Emma already a customer base so started selling her products immediately. Having an online shop with secure payment is truly a powerful tool.



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