Illustrator – Change a gradient colour

This one I had to share, big thanks to Matt Coopers Weblog for bringing it to my attention.

Ever tried to change the colour of a gradient in Illustrator? Tough, isn’t it? Surely a program like Illustrator shouldn’t have such a huge limitation in regard to picking colours!?

There is a very easy way of grabbing a colour for any existing gradient, already present in your artboard, using the eyedropper.

1. Select your object with it’s gradient fill

2. Open the Gradient Panel (Window>Gradient)

3. Click on the colour-stop for the area of the gradient you wish to edit. (Small underside box that points to the area on the gradient)

4. Press i (for eyedropper)

5. Shift-Click any colour or swatch and voila. (the shift click is important, otherwise the eyedropper will just place a block of that colour, replacing your gradient – just Ctrl-Z [Undo] if this happens.)

Finding this little tidbit helped speed up my workflow by a silly amount. I suppose a program as comprehensive as Illustrator probably needs to use tools and hotkeys for various other tasks, but I must admit I was surprised that this one was hidden away. It was also hard to find via Google, I hope it helps someone 🙂

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