Korda String Quartet

The Company

Korda String Quartet are a successful Scottish String Quartet. They have a reputation for being one of the best in Scotland so it was an absolute pleasure to work with them. The thing that gives them such an edge over their competitors is that they all work professionally with all the major orchestras of Scotland and others in Liverpool and London.

The old Website

They approached me originally when they had just started trading with the desire for a website that could act as a hub to get them work. This first website was a static site, except for the News page which was plugged into WordPress so they could provide updatable news regularly. They were so impressed with the website and its ability to get them work that I ended up handling all design and print for Korda.

The new Website

The new site was a progressive upgrade from the old. They wanted a showcase for some beautiful photography recently taken at the very prestigious Cameron House as well as a better system for drawing in clients. So the original site was left up whilst the new site was built in a CMS in the background. The new site has been live for a while now and already has given them more business due to the quoting system built into it, and a new stats system helped us see that on the launch night alone (from 6pm until midnight) over 450 visits were logged.


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