Premier Drums – Drum Scotland

The Company

Drum Scotland began as an idea for Mr Simon Grant to teach snare drums online to any audience via Skype. He had no company name, logo or website, in fact he had only the knowledge that Premier Drums may be interested in him at a later date. So I devised the name “Drum Scotland” for ┬áhim as it was available as a so it became his company name. Then I set about creating a logo, based around a clan badge and designed as a vector image to reflect his Scottish heritage and ethos, then we were under way.

The old Website

The old site was a static site built with a news page in WordPress (that was painstakingly designed to look like the static site). It provided all of his 3000 fans and followers with info on how to set up Skype and book lessons. There was even a integrated Google Calender so clients could see what dates were available as Simon is an incredibly busy man. Then Premier Drum called.

The new Website

After receiving news that Premier wanted to endorse Mr Grant as an Ambassador for Premier Drums, he approached me with a view to upgrading the site so he could sell Premier products. Which meant converting the entire site over to CMS. As his news page was already designed in WordPress it was “simply” a case of applying that design through the rest of the pages. The site also needed to be connected to all the major social networks so his massive fanbase could see and benefit from the site too.

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