The links below will take you to pages detailing each service. These are handy if you are not quite as keyed up on some of the terms and lingo. That way you’ll understand just how each service will help and support not only your online presence but how a few well placed tools can transform your business.

Web Design and Content Management System
A look at a few different types of Web Design and how a CMS can control and enhance your website. Very handy knowledge if you are unsure about what type of website to go for.



Branding and Logo Design
This page concentrates on Branding and Logo design and why its important to create a strong brand for your business. It also shows off some simple Logo examples and the rules they abide by.



Animation comes in many forms, but can liven up your website in the form of banners. Or indeed if you need a character animated or created from scratch. It also shows off my 3D character Fred, and his fight with a a big weight.


Online Shop
Thinking about selling your own products via a website? An Online Shop will transform your business, and is easier than you think to set up and use. This page describes some of those methods and shows off a live example from a recent clients new Boutique.


Business Cards
Business Cards are just as important as a website, because they represent a little piece of that brand you’ve worked so hard to create. This page explains how to make the right impression with your cards and details some of the technical examples that can help make them stand out.


Poster and Print Design
Posters and Leaflet designs are also handy for helping your business reach people it might normally not, and on this page we have a look at some of the types of printed services I offer and how successful release campaigns can be when combined.


Facebook Covers
Facebook subscribers have risen to mythical status with a fifth of the world now connected. So using your Facebook to help your business should be taken for granted and with the introduction of Facebook Covers, there is now more scope for your branding to be integrated throughout your Facebook Page.


Mobile Websites
Linked with Facebook, Mobile sites are now a lot more popular as they give you complete control over how your site is viewed on a mobile and/or smartphone. But how do you do it…



3D Art
3D Art is always amazing to look at when its done properly. It can help give your website something unusual or it can be used in presentations or adverts as if it was real-time, real-life footage.



Sourcing Imagery is often a major concern for Graphic Artists, so being a decent photographer on the side can really help.



Marketing Advice
This page may be last on the list but should certainly not be ignored! It details how I integrate marketing advice into every service I offer and why I do it. I give examples of its usage and a real-world working scenario.

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