Animation can transform a character from a happy, spritely office worker to a sullen, depressed troll, not by changing outward appearance, but by movement. I offer a few different types of animation, whether it be some subtle flash or HTML5 animated background images to give your website a little more zing-pop, or full blown special effects for a short film.

Getting the timing right is important for rooting your character or object in the real world. Its the simple fact that we tend to believe what we see more if it adhere’s to the same physics that we ourselves experience. When I throw a ball and it bounces, it doesn’t just hit a surface and keep going, it reacts. We see the ball depress slightly and curve and wobble on its trajectory, losing approximately a third of its energy in each bounce. The same mechanics apply when we walk, energy and weight transferring from one foot and one side of the body to the other, the process creates some unique effects as our muscles respond with counter-force to keep us upright. The result when you view a super slow-motion walk is quite astonishing.

Below is a small animated example of my character Fred – vs The Weight.

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