Business Cards

Are they that important?

Utilising software and the internet is always a great thing for your business. There’s no doubt that a good website setup will get you more traffic and more customers because a wider range of people can find you more easily. I could, right now on my smartphone, search for a florist while standing in line at Greggs…then order flowers to be sent to my folks, 200 miles away, before I’m even tucking into my sausage roll.

However, people are not cyber machines and while these days most work requires computers and the internet in some fashion, meeting someone and actually handing over a business card is still the most effective way of marketing your business. Most people respond more to direct human contact than to a simple email newsletter, and the chances of them remembering an actual physical meeting between two people are much higher. And what’s more they’ll have a card with your details on it, forever in their wallet. This means getting out there and handing out a piece of your company to them in the form of a business card.

Making an Impression

Making the right impression on that first contact with a potential customer or associate is so very important and a beautiful business card will always make an impression.These moments can strike without warning and you need to have them ready and loaded to fire at people, and because you are essentially handing over a tiny piece of your company it needs to shout about what you are and what you do. It should match your website and branding and show off your logo. If first impressions are the most important, you want your business card to be beautiful so all conclusions about your business are positive and long-lasting.

Making the RIGHT impression

Bring your brand to the real world. Printed on smoooooth matt-laminated silk card, perhaps even heavier duplex card (double card seamlessly stuck together) for a serious statement. Money spent on cards will come back 10-fold in revenue and should be handed out like sweets. Your associates will recognise quality and respond to it by speaking about you and your company and show others your card. It should stand out and shout about you and your company when you are not around to do so yourself.

Having a great business card will help fortify the brand of your company, not only for other people but for yourself. Going it alone is a massive undertaking and can be incredibly daunting and creating a strong brand is important not only for your business’s success, but for your peace of mind.

For these reasons I always offer Business Cards with Logo, Branding and Website quotes. I usually always take money off when these services are combined too. so have a real think about what you and your business need to be successful before filling in the quote form below.

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