Logo Design & Branding

A logo is your business’s theme, style, products and ethos rolled into one singular graphic. It tends to be the starting point for any website work and provides a concentrated view of the main path the branding could eventually take. For example a black and white logo may lead the site to be mainly monochrome, or at least use tones of greys.

The logo is a simple idea but has in itself seen, and arguably provided, the success of many companies. Coke, Nike, Irn Bru, Warburtons, Dell to name a few.

So how do you want it? Here’s some quick simple examples of various rules that can apply to logo’s.

Bold, serif typeface, royal blue’s, black’s and green’s,

Strong presence, authoritarian, strong foundations, financial sector.

Banks, Insurance

Rounded typeface, red’s, oranges, yellow’s,

Exciting, lively, energetic, youthful.

Drinks, Sports brands

Hand-written typefaces, textured, brown’s, greens,

Earthy, familiar, natural, conservative.

Energy Companies, Wind Farms


Playing with these rules is one of the most fun things ever for a designer, it spins the company on its head. Imagine a bank with the second logo? Or perhaps a sports label as the first logo. Suddenly a new world opens up. But knowing the rules first off does help in identifying which path to take. Getting to that perfect logo can often be a long haul of trial and error too. I came upon such a logo recently that required a bit of lateral thinking before it would finally reveal itself. My client, who owned a Wedding Jewellery Boutique had tried numerous graphic design companies to no avail.  The end solution involved some fairly complicated hand-drawings and some intricate vector-tracing which created a completely bespoke and unique floral wreath.

Check it out in the Folio section. or go see it live

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