Marketing Advice

I offer Marketing Advice as standard alongside absolutely everything I design and make, because I want to help you be as successful as possible. I’ll help you whittle your ethos and product down to its bare bones, then we’ll build it back up again to be more solid and withstanding. Having the correct foundations in place will help educate you on how best to sell your product, extracting the absolute maximum potential from your business. Whether you are selling a skill like Acting or an actual physical object like Flowers. See below for a wee example.

My Product is here. I made it. It’s amazing.

Your product is here, you made it and it’s amazing. It’s the best thing that has ever been made, manufactured or conjured into being, and is guaranteed to make you wealthy and successful. It could be that these things are actually true and you still would not make much money unless you had some form of marketing scheme or campaign in place.

Sounds boring.

Yes it does. But its not. Marketing is a fancy “buzz-word” industry types like to use that means “Telling lots of people about the thing you made”…That’s essentially it.

Ok, so. I’ll tell lots of people.

The world has become alot smaller these days but its still massive, and manually inviting or telling even just a fraction of those people to come see your products would take up a lot of time. Time is important to you now, and time wasted is money lost so immediately we need the right kind of marketing to get us started. So first we divide the worlds population (or at least our little fraction of it) into its respective niche’s. That is, pockets or stereotypes of people most likely to be interested in your product and we aim our sights directly at them.

Aiming what? And where does this data come from?

I’m not going to give the entire game away. Buy something from me, and we’ll talk more.


Ok well…Research. You know all those ladies with clipboards you ignore near tube stations? They are usually collecting marketing data and they tend to be hired by bigger companies who want to know what we, the public, want from life. How society’s many mechanisms change what we want, and how big a part money actually plays in our decision making process. For example, Fred is branching out and he needs some football strips to go with his new Football range, but he has no idea  what supplier is best to buy from, a cheaper maker from Thailand or the same product but from a reputable (and more expensive) outlet here in Britain. He needs research on how is customers perceive and are affected by International markets and if indeed they care that they are wearing something manufactured from the far-east. Would the new Aberdeen Football Club strip feel like a quality home-grown product if it said “Made in Thailand” on the ticket?

There’s lots to consider when thinking about your product. Some people may be aiming for more local markets, but even then there are still things that can help your product be more successful than the other guys. Even if its the EXACT same. And that’s essentially what interests me so much about it, and that’s why I offer it as standard with all my services. Call it a marketing strategy. If you will.

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