Online Shop

An online shop, attached to a Content Management System is an incredibly powerful tool. Imagine being able to sell your products and control stock, SKU’s and price, all from your very own website. Even better is if you already have an established customer base or market then you can begin turning a profit immediately.

The power of a good eCommerce system on your site isn’t something incredibly groundbreaking, the big stores like Amazon and eBay have been around for years offering card payments in exchange for delivery of goods from a warehouse or buyer. Yet for the simple shop owner or for any small to medium business, such things have been out of reach due to the complexity of the systems, not just with the online shop itself but the back-end systems needed to power it. However, with the ever-changing and advancing internet, eCommerce tools are more plentiful, and there are literally hundreds of solutions to solve the problem of selling products online. All or most of which are best paired with a good Content Management System.

Running your Online Shop

The best tools are always the ones that allow you to concentrate on the task in hand rather than the semantics of running it so you may find yourself suddenly thrust into a world of stock-taking and profit-margins. This has been the way for decades and while it remains second nature to some, others may find the process challenging however in this case our CMS and Online Shop does the hard work for us.

For example, Fred sells footballs, and has been selling lots of them, all different types and makes. So how does he keep track of what he has sold and what he has left. An online shop required each product to have a unique seller reference code or SKU. There’s one type of Adidas double stitched footballs he sells a lot of so he wants to know how many he has left before ordering more. With his Online Shop he can check his inventory online and see that he’s still got loads left in the warehouse. An online system that tracks inventory and sells the product at the same time.

Using an online shop paired with a CMS free’s up your time to actually sell things. No coding is necessary to know how to use it. Its all viewable and available in our familiar CMS Dashboard.

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