Poster & Print Design

We’ve covered Business Cards and the importance of handing them out (like home-made sweeties) but lets go a stage further. Handing out leaflets, flyers and posters is a great way of drawing people’s attention to a specific event especially combined with a business launch. These launch campaigns are often very successful at creating attention, and will get you more fans and friends. Some choose to have a leaflet campaign just to let people know they exist, but, and this is a big but, those flyers have to be put into right person’s hands. Just standing on the street for 8 hours handing out leaflets about a new music shop will not be as effective as say going to a few music studio’s where bands rehearse and putting up some big posters on notice boards. Why not go for both for maximum coverage?

Here’s a list of some of the print-based designs I offer:

  • Leaflets (A4,A5,A6)

  • Posters (A1, A2, A3, A4)

  • Banner Stands (2000mm/850mm – Delivered)

  • CD Cover/Digipak design and CD printing/pressing (Delivered)

Have a look at the poster for “The Shamens Dream” in the Folio section. It was designed for an exclusive Stella Polaris show at the Edinburgh Festival this year and helped draw in the punters for the show.

Why not choose the Photography service along side this, the result would be some chic and artistic leaflets that really show off your business’s class.

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